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    Server Development

    Post  Agent_Orange99 on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:13 am

    Hello People of this server.

    I am writing to inform all of you with the current server developments.

    1: The Admin Shop: this is a fairly large blue structure situated a few hundred meters off spawn. There is a train system joining the spawn to it from the New Train Station. This is a high speed train and there is a small complication at the end. The End is NOT a lava trap, it is a minecart disposal system, exit your minecart, stand AWAY from he glass and push the botton, then proceed on the walkway into the building. The Shop is still under construction and you are not able to purchase yet, the shop provides a base price for all items and, in assorted columns are an easily navigable path so you can purchase ANY and ALL items in minecraft.

    2: The Admin Sell Store: With a shop, there needs a way to get money, so I quickly rigged up a Sell store, a market where you can sell fundamental items such as wheat, so get Farming!!! Also if there are any requests please tell me and I will add it to the store, if it is relevant.

    Thank you and Happy Minecrafting!


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